If you want to fundraise or operate programmes in another country, Chapel & York has the answers

Chapel & York provides solutions for charities, educational institutions, NGOs and non-profits wanting to fundraise or run programmes in another country. We set up and manage charitable organisations or provide existing foundations which organisations can join. No matter what level of engagement you want in the new country, Chapel and York will ensure the best fit solution is chosen for your organisation.

If we set up a charitable entity for you, we can provide all the services to operate it including regulatory requirements, administration, donations processing and book-keeping. We also provide international fundraising services.

Unlike consultants, we always try to offer fixed fees for our services.

During the last 20 years, Chapel and York has set up and run more than 150 organisations around the world and over 1000 organisations have joined our foundations.

Whether you want to set up an entity to support your organisation, or to fundraise and run programmes, you will need to have a legal entity in that country. We can set up a legal entity for you or you can join one of our foundations.

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Chapel & York ensures that client organisations are fully compliant with all regulations and operate as effectively as possible.  Depending on the amount of activity of an organisation and its needs in that country, Chapel & York can provide anything from a standard maintenance service to a fully inclusive administrator package.

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Chapel & York has senior fundraisers located worldwide that are experienced in international fundraising.  This requires different skills and knowledge than fundraising in purely local or national markets. The international fundraising services we offer complement our other management packages and operate independently to support your Development or Fundraising Office.

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